Why does your business need a Corporate Identity?

graphic design-corporate identityThis is a question I get asked on a weekly basis, I say weekly because Corporate ID are usually the requirement of a large business. Sorry this is false and any business that thinks they don’t require a basic corporate identity is misinformed.

The main concept for a corporate identity is to establish your businesses personality, similar to how our personalities differ a business is no different from us.

No business is the same, an identity gives you this personality, it tells businesses and customers what your company is about, your USP’s and your brand. If you currently don’t have a corporate identity, look at how you communications are visually. Step outside your box, look at the business from the outside. Is the marketing literature following a certain style or inconsistent. An identity will build this consistency, any one person or employee understands the identity, fonts, imagery and the visual layout concepts your brand wants to portray as it’s own personality.

How do you create a corporate ID?
A professional graphic designer can help you achieve a strong professional brand, a good designer would make your logo consistence in its use across communications, letterheads, stationery and brochures. You don’t need a 50 page brochure like big businesses, a small corporate ID can work just as well giving the information about the logo, fonts and overall business personality. Without a corporate identity your business could loose out to it’s competitors.

The important sections of a corporate ID?
To establish a good strong identity for you business follow these guides below.

Build the personality – First impressions count, whether it is a product or service your logo needs to be strong, professional and have it’s own style that customers or businesses can remember. A good logo/brand gives the business a professional look. Communications need to look pleasing and visually unique.

Customer loyalty – Being consistent is key building customer loyalty, customers develop a loyalty for businesses they can trust. Depending on the businesses it’s objectives, visions, principles and goals are all developed to produce a company to do business with.

Business rewards – A corporate identity improves repeat business, a  strong positive identity provides the consumers with a positive attitude towards the business encouraging repeated business and referrals.

Developing a good identity will stand it’s test in time, creating connections with your customer base, it really is the best investment a business can have big or small.

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