What is graphic design?

Creative graphic design - LoughboroughComing from a graphic design background, I can appreciate what is involved in graphic design. It is certainly not just about putting text and pretty pictures together on a blank canvas and it all falls into place.
Graphic design is an art with a goal at the end, the main goal is to effectively communicate your message using words and pictures. There are various career paths a graphic designer can follow, most opting for graphic design roles, website design or even Illustrators.

To be a good graphic designer takes time, experience and a good head for being creative.

So what are the fundamental elements of graphic design

1. SPACE – a very important aspect of design, the space between elements can make positive space or negative, these need to be considered n nay design piece.

2. PROXIMITY – Connecting elements on a piece together creates focal point in any design.

3. REPETITION – Bringing elements together in repetition creates a strong brand feel, it creates a rhythm to your piece.

4. CONTRAST – Use opposite colours on the colour chart to create a contrast in your design. We all understand the saying, opposites attract.

5. ALIGNMENT – Not ever piece needs to be centered, creating an order by aligning elements creates a connection.

6. BALANCE – Creating balance allows the design to be more structured. It refers to the distribution of weight in the design.

What are the tools required to do graphic design?

SOFTWARE – Adobe Creative suite is far the best professional software a designer needs, It has Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, enough to keep any designer happy.
SKETCH PAD - Some may say a tool of the old era, I find a sketch pad is a quick method to get ideas down before diving into to computer software straightaway.
COMPUTERS – Apple macs are the top piece of equipment any creative designer requires, macs have always been the favourite because of the OSX operating system. PC windows will provide just the tool if you prefer a windows environment.

A graphic designer can turn any brief into a digital masterpiece, brochures, stationary and visually stunning business logos will turn a businesses marketing dreams in a reality.

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