Todays inspiration – responsive websites

Mobiles & tablet devices account for over 20% of website searches, this is growing month on month.
Without a responsive visitors could get frustrated trying to zoom in and out eventually leaving and never to return. Responsive website design is the next generation for website design, over the next 5 years devices could account for 50% of searches.

Have you missed out on the buzz of responsive design, read more
Responsive design has been around for the last few years, it has however started to become more mainstream over the past year with big companies getting on board designing websites that look great on desktop or mobiles. A responsive site will not only look great on all platforms, it is future proof. Google will be happier with your site if it is responsive, so get ahead of your competitors, go responsive…

Below I have gathered some great inspiration for responsive design, if you have some to share send them over or comment and I will add these to the list.

Picture 5


Picture 2


Scott sports responsive website design

Picture 3

Picture 4

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