Hide your magento dev site

Magento eCommerceI have been building a rather large Magento site and once it had gone live’ to save any major problems with new plugin installs and modifications or working on a live site,  I set up a clone copy of the site. If your Magento is large then you don’t have to include all the products, for example mine has around 600 products to clone this into a dev area would take up quite a large chunk of drive space so shrink the products down in your dev area or import and delete a large chunk of products.

To hide your site you need to login to the admin backend and click on Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head and set the Default Robots option to ‘NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW’. This will block your dev site url from being indexed by Google bots and also avoids the dredded seo duplicate content problems. Hope this helps…

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